Danniel T. Gaitor (DT. Gaitor) is a painter, artist and designer. b.1976  Andros Island, in the Bahamas, He is generally referred to as the “Androsian” by his contemporaries. Firmly trained in the visual arts at the prestigious Miami University of Art and Design in Miami Florida, where he graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree. Since that time he has pursued his childhood dream of traditional oil painting. Largely self taught as a painter, he has focused his training on traditional academic techniques, techniques that have been utilized from the renaissance to the present.

Understanding that artists are automatically recognized by their work, Gaitor set out to create his own style of art, A style that would clearly show his versatility in many different areas. Never wanting to be categorized as an artist that only painted one way, he consistently developed every facet of his skills with the knowledge that all genres are closely related and that balance in an artist skill set is very important. He often says “One should not hide behind their weaknesses and call it “their style”. Dr. P. Rolle

Gaitor’s paintings are reminiscent of the artists of the seventeenth  century, Artist that showed both great skill and craftsmanship Like those painters, Gaitor usually prefers to work with a warm, classical palette that creates both mood and nostalgia. The artist’s Paintings can be found in galleries and private collections. D. Archer

 I believe that the creative spirit present in an artist must accept no limitation in its desire to create great art, if a lack of skill limits me today, I chase after the mastery of that skill until I obtain it. Where there is will and determination, nothing is impossible”. – DT.Gaitor.

DT. Gaitor is a Member of:

The Portrait society of America 

Oil Painters of America